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  1. Melanie Rowley says:

    Thank you for being the only journalist and the only station to have the good sense to realize this is a circus now…the decent people, the ones who want this to settle down, to be able to resume their lives….have been ignored in favor of looters, race baiters and trash.

    And so very, very sad….that the station we all would have thought would have been glad to see this in USA…is the only one that has common decency….which is why some time back I had contacted them on a couple of things.

    Thank your editors for me…and thank you again.

    • TFM says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Thank you for your “honest” reporting on the happenings in Ferguson, MO. I’ve been watching WSB-TV (Atlanta) as well as CNN and, like you, wondering why all the cameras and what about other local happenings there. We’d also like to hear from individuals who can possibly come up with a workable solution on solving this horrible injustice and preparing both sides (police and young Afrikan-Americans) to not challenge each other and to listen.

      Best wishes and thank you, Ryan!

  2. Melanie Rowley says:

    I have shared this, on horse forum…before I saw that I needed to ask permission, hope you will write and say yea or nay….but thought it very important to show, and is on other’s FB too now.

    Again, thanks.

    This is where I c/p’ed it….so you can go read…I did not change anything, other than I had to retype the heading….accidentally erased it.

  3. Josh says:

    You are so, so adorable. That is all.

  4. Ryan, I would love to have you on my solo broadcast on We are a growing independent broadcast network out of New York and it would be an honor to have someone like you on to talk about what you’ve seen Ferguson morph into. The alternative view is more important than anything right now.

  5. Deni Stone says:

    Thank you, Ryan – for being willing to be honest, and compassionate towards the residents of Ferguson….this is what journalism used to be about – getting the truth of a situation out. Now it mostly seems like tabloid sensationalism. I will wish and pray for you that you have a stellar career in journalism – we need thousands more like you!!! God bless.

  6. Kersten Herold says:

    My greatest respect to you, Ryan. We need more like you. Good luck,

  7. Kay Kelly says:

    I have been thinking many of the same things — the “media” runs to every sad happening and doesn’t seem to know when to back off and let the community resolve its own issues. Much like New Town massacre, the Aurora theatre massacre, even back to Columbine. Thank YOU for having a solid value system. I wish you good fortune in your career.

  8. Jm says:

    Great Job Ryan! Keep up good work. I am sending this to my friend in Chicago he runs a magazine writing class. He should help you get a real gig. Integrity like yours is rare. Good luck in future. Jonathan

  9. Sid says:

    You reflect exceptional integrity in this age. I hope you reconsider and *return to Ferguson*. Document what you see. Let that be your focus and your purpose. When one door closes, another one opens. If this is your passion, do not let industry behavior or anyone ever take it from you. Be the change. We need young leadership.

    I also wish you the best in your career and in life, Ryan.

  10. Was being brown Michael Browns problem?

    It was a warn sunny day in July of 1999. The city was Fort Wayne, a medium sized town in the northeastern corner of Indiana. My mother saw me off and wished me well, as I drove due east to visit a college in an effort to ascertain a basketball scholarship. Paying for college was not even an option. If it were not for this great nation, and it’s commitment to higher education, I would have never been able to attend.

    I am the son of a single mother, who worked at Taco Bell to ensure her three children had food to eat and clothes to wear. She raised us in the crime ridden city of Gary, Indiana. We are famous for a few things: Michael Jackson, sports, and crime. Anybody who knows anything about inner city culture, knows that Gary often tops the charts as it relates to disenfranchisement and extreme poverty. Nonetheless, this is where I was born and raised, and I am proud to say so.

    I grew up surrounded by gang activity. I saw what a lack of jobs and opportunity does to a community and the psyche of the people who are inundated with such misfortune. As a kid and young teenager, my greatest fear was being killed by someone of my own race for mistaken identity or the stray bullets of constant drive-bys. The first time I lost a friend to a bullet was in the 6th grade. It’s still such a painful memory.

    When I think back over the survival tips my mother gave me upon leaving Gary headed for a town that was 74% white and 15% black, her words were, “Don’t get into any confrontation with those police.” I didn’t know why she said what she said, because growing up in a all black town, combined with a financial position that did not allow for frequent travel, equated into a life with little to no racism.

    Upon entering Fort Wayne on this warm July afternoon, all of what she said would come full circle. I arrived on the main drag of the city; Coliseum Blvd. Like most men, I got lost. This was pre-GPS and smart phones. In those days “directions” written a sheet of paper or direction printed from MapQuest were the only options. Pulled over by a police officer, I was asked “for what reason are you prowling?” To be honest at that time I didn’t know what he was alluding too. But after a few years of education, and may more multi-cultural encounters, I have come to understand better.

    To prowl (Of a person or animal) means to move around restlessly and stealthily, especially in search of or as if in search of prey. Was I being called an animal because I was brown? This would not be the first time an African American would be referred to as something other than human. It begs the question: is being brown a crime in the eyes of some? Was Michael Browns problem his skin color? History says emphatically in the eyes of some: YES!

    None of us know what happened exactly at the moment Michael Brown was gunned down by officer Wilson. But we do know what happened to Rodney King, Eric Garner, and the unarmed black woman that was beaten by a Patrol officer in California. All of these events were caught on camera. I am certain that no citizen of Houston, Texas wants to think that our city could face such tragic occurrence. Could this happen here? Has it happened here? We must double check ourselves and ensure that these types of incidents are rid from our city.

    It seems that there must be a nationwide conversation and a conversion by the people who have sworn to protect and serve all citizens. The comedian Katt Williams has had many legal troubles over the past years, and his antics may not be agreeable to some. But he tweeted a statement that I believe sums of the matter in the minds of the frustrated people of Ferguson, Mo. “Black crime = gang violence, Arab crime = terrorism, Hispanic crime = illegal immigration, and White crime = insanity.”

    I recently made this statement in a room full of Hindus, Pagans, Muslims, Jews, and Christians. My comments were received with a standing ovation. In fact, one leader of this groups said, “I want to note that I was really surprised by the number of you that made advocacy around social justice and other moral issues of the day on of your top priorities for opportunities.”

    The fallout in Ferguson represents the pot of humanity sitting dead center in the flames of history. I’m afraid that the contents have reached a boiling point. There is an ancient book known as the Bible. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim, there is a message in Psalm 133 that is worth noting. “How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Houston let’s not have a problem here. Let stand for justice so that there can be peace. We are all created equal, and anyone who thinks differently does not speak for us all.


    Velma Trayham
    CEO & Founder at Thinkzilla Consulting Group

  11. Angela Blanchard says:

    Thank you … saw the same thing in New Orleans after Katrina. Everyone rushing in for their fifteen minutes of fame and getting in the way of those of us actually helping. so just thank you. for common decency. Wish it was more common.

  12. Ryan, I just read your story on rural homelessness in areas adjacent to St. Louis. If you have a way of contacting Jesus Garcia, the gentleman you profiled, please have him call the Homeless Resource Center hotline at 314.802.5444. Peter and Paul has housing for single men. Granted, it is locataed downtown, but Mr. Garcia has a car. I’ve worked downtown with several people who commute from Wentzville, so it’s not impossible. Peter and Paul will not tolerate violence, drug use or other issues that plague the other, infamous emergency shelter that Mr. Garcia has probably heard about. Please have him call. And if you run into families that need housing, Gateway180 serves single women and all configurations of families, including single fathers. We have no geographical boundaries in terms of people we serve. Like Peter and Paul, this is a safe place that focuses on getting people re-housed. Thank you for covering this issue…Kathleen Beach, Executive Director, Gateway180

  13. Jim H. says:

    Ryan – I read your insightful report about radiation contamination in the St. Louis area and about Karen Nickel’s bout with lupus with her having to take a pharmacy-load of pills. Could you please pass on to her that my sister in law also has lupus and after having taken a like number of pills with limited success consulted with a doctor who suggested that she try using wheat grass instead. She abandoned the pills and after going on the wheat grass regimen her lupus essentially has abated and her doctor is delighted with her progress.

  14. Ahmisaran says:

    I did not read your blog fully, but I noticed you are a man next to my heart. I do like traveling, photography and knowing about places and living styles. Keep writing .. Best Wishes and X’MAS greetings.

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