Alaska & The Arctic


From May through August 2015, I lived and worked in southern Alaska while doing research for my MA at the Missouri School of Journalism.

My research was focused on how regional news organizations can better utilize the Internet to grow their audiences in outlying, geographically isolated communities. The results of this research are available by request.

I have returned to Alaska several times and continue to follow and report on the region.

DSC_4153AL JAZEERA AMERICA: Alaska Natives, fishermen protest Navy training during fishing season

AL JAZEERA AMERICA: Outside attraction: Tiny Alaskan community flourishes at edge of America

AL JAZEERA AMERICA: Alaskan island goes renewable as energy prices soar

AL JAZEERA AMERICA: Scientists fear toxic algal bloom spreading on Pacific coast

AL JAZEERA AMERICA: Alaska’s Unangax work to preserve culture quashed by WWII internment

AL JAZEERA AMERICA: Amid U.S.-Russia chill, Natives struggle to connect across maratime borde

AL JAZEERA AMERICA: NGOs sound alarm on heavy fuels used in Arctic shipping

DSC_5667THE GUARDIAN: ‘It’s a whole other world’: Religious pilgrims venture deep into Alaska forest

THE WASHINGTON POST: Concerns mount over whale deaths in Gulf of Alaska

THE WASHINGTON POST: Small thaw inĀ U.S.-Russia border at Alaska frontierĀ 

THE WASHINGTON POST: Alaskans brace for storm days after ‘bomb cyclone’ slammed through North Pacific

THE WASHINGTON POST: This could explain all those strange happenings in Alaska’s waters

THE WASHINGTON POST: In this tiny Arctic town, dramatic warmth threatens everything

HIGH COUNTRY NEWS: Shell exacerbates housing shortage in Alaskan port town


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