My trip to Old Mines, Mo.

Ms. Monica told me that I had to start my article with how God worked in my life today. I’m not sure I can do that when I write the actual article, but I think this will be okay. So, here goes. My two classmates — Bridgit Bowden and Jake Godin — and I are … Continue reading

A trip to Iowa, and a grand social media experiment

I had the pleasure of riding along with a unique group of people to Iowa this past weekend. Scott Emanuel and Ed Reggi of St. Louis organize busses for LGBT couples in the St. Louis area to make the trip to Iowa to get married. They have organized 14 busses and married 150 couples since … Continue reading

Eid Mubarak: Photographing an ancient tradition

Eid Mubarak — I’m posting this on the evening of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha. For my internship at ColumbiaFAVS, I joined a Muslim family as they drove to Tebbetts, Mo., to perform the traditional sacrifice of a goat.¬†You can read more about the theological tradition here. Here’s the final audio postcard that aired on … Continue reading