Paradise Lost: Plymouth, Montserrat

Hello from beautiful Montserrat — a tiny island nation in the Caribbean, about 30 miles from Antigua. I was fortunate enough to visit Montserrat’s capital, Plymouth, with island native Cecil Wade. The bustling city was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1997 that displaced more than half of the island’s population. Subsequent eruptions since then have almost completely buried Plymouth’s city center. It’s in the island’s exclusion zone — the 2/3 of the country that has been deemed dangerous given the volcano’s ongoing activity. You need police permission to enter the exclusion zone.

Here is some archival footage I found on YouTube of what Plymouth looked like before the eruption.


And here is what it looks like as of January 2016:












One Response to “Paradise Lost: Plymouth, Montserrat”
  1. adintinjana says:

    Great photos! I’ve been on Montserrat last year and have seen the amazing and interesting place myself. The tour guide took us to the hotel where those 2 last photos were taken at. I didn’t know it was a popular place to take visitors 🙂 Greetings.

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