A Compilation of Images from Costa Rica

Marvin Rockwell, 92, of Fairhope, Ala., who left the United States in 1950 to evade the draft. He and 43 other Quakers, who are religiously opposed to violence, settled in the region that came to be called Monteverde. Read more here.




The biodiversity of the Monteverde Cloud Forests, in jeopordy due to increasing temperatures. Story coming soon.


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The damage to highland farms as lowland species move into the highlands due to changing temperatures and irregular weather patterns.


DSC_1764 copy

DSC_1779 copy


Some of the lowland species moving into the highlands:


Army Ants

Ringed Snake 2


Some monkeys and a parrot:


DSC_2003 copy



In Costa Rica, it’s beaches must be open to the public by law, but the land leading up to the beach is fair game. Resorts often own the land that touches the beach, and do not let non-guests onto their property. That happened at Playa Conchal, so the locals built their own access road.





End of the day in the fishing village of Cuajinicil, where overfishing is draining the village of its livelihood. If left unchecked, some locals say there will be few fish left in 20 years. With an influx of immigrants from nearby Nicaragua, there are more fishermen than in the past. Including fishing for food, locals can sell ornamental fish to a Brazilian company that imports the fish to the United States to be sold as aquarium fish. Fish that are sold for hundreds of dollars in the states are bought from the people of Cuajinicil for just a few dollars a piece.


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