Revisiting Pinhook

For my latest freelance project, I’m writing about Missouri’s disappearing black towns. This took me to the village of Pinhook, pop. 30 (2010). In 2011, the town was destroyed when the Army Corps of Engineers intentionally breached the Bird’s Point Levee to save Cairo, Ill., from flooding. I first visited Pinhook in 2011 in the immediate aftermath of the flood. I’d recommend reading Mary Leonard’s work on this flood that devastated several communities. Here’s another link.

The story that incorporates Pinhook will be posted eventually. But here are some photos, and a video (not mine, but start at 8:30).



007_9443 007_9465 007_9472 007_9482 007_9496 007_9509 007_9511 007_9527 007_9540 007_9542 007_9546 007_9561 007_9570 007_9575 007_9581 007_9605 007_9628 007_9640007_9693007_9672

007_9750 007_9756 007_9764 007_9777




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